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  1. I give this clip a standing ovation.
    I am going to share this one with the wife. She likes the guy in the clip.
    She is by far the most beautiful black woman I have ever seen in porn. She resembles Lela Rochon, an actress who was in "Boomerang" with Eddie Murphy and "Waiting to Exhale". This Rimes girl is lovely, with a great ass, and nice tits. Loved her riding cowgirl. I was jealous of old boy.
    I almost blew a load, but I restrained myself.

  2. Wow A great man once said something along the lines of "A porn is like the opposite of a movie. The more you watch of it, the worse it must be." She was great, don’t get me wrong But I’ve only had sex like four times, and I’m positive I’d be a better partner than he would be.

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